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Our Process

A. Plan

This process for our clients is important we need to ensure we have the necessary paperwork is in place to move forward with the designs for the architect. Planning permission is vital to anything moving forward but with the experienced team and with the right dedication we can make this a smooth process.

B. Design

This is where the customer can be creative according to the architect and choice of interior designer. The size and shape of the home and also area plays a huge factor in this choice, we support the client and their ideas and ensure that this is a smooth process until we approach the build.

C. Build

With the team prepared and in place we look to book a start date and time which is convenient for the client, the prep before the build is important according to the location of the site there is many factors invovled such as delivery access to the property, rubbish removal storage for materials, and parking. These are a few of the many factors involved in the process.